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think differently.

  • No Commitments (You can always decline the campaigns if it doesn’t suit your needs or schedule)
  • Ultimate Freedom (You are not bound to only work with us. We accept that you do campaigns on your own too)
  • 100% Free (We don’t take a cut of your income. In fact, I also only bill my customers a commission meaning I only onboard brands I truly believe we can sell. That’s how I earn money. Not from taking a cut of your earnings)
  • Get Paid What You Deserve (Only the sky’s the limit regarding your income. You decide the commission you receive from each campaign. Or maybe charge an upfront fee)
  • Automatic Payout (We will take care of all the bookkeeping and boring economics. The only thing you need to do is tell us where to wire the money)
  • Attractive Earning Bonuses (We love to celebrate good performance. Therefore, we offer our top 5% best-performing influencers an additional 20% bonus on top of the monthly payout
  • Exiting Campaigns (Because we have created a win/win situation between brands and influencers. There will continue to come more and more exciting campaigns
  • Vibrant Community¬†(We love social gatherings. It is a priority at SEHO.Agency)