A Better Way To Run Your Creator & Influencer Marketing Program Everything you need in one place to start & scale your creator & influencer marketing program - 100% Performance-based.

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Spend less time finding influencers & more time optimizing for ROI.

Browse thousands of influencers and get data-driven influencer recommendations based on what you sell and your target group.

Launch, manage & measure campaigns efficiently.

With InfluencerFlow, you get access to a suite of tools: everything you need in one place to start and scale your influencer/creator program.

Turn influencer marketing into a performance-based channel.

Ditch risky influencer upfront collabs, and start paying influencers based on their performance e.g Commission, CPM, CPC & More.

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Join 1.500+ Brands, Agencies & Influencers. Ditch monthly subscriptions and risky upfront collabs, and start turning Influencer Marketing into a 100% performance-based channel.

Influencer Discovery tool

Browse +1.400 influencers and get data-driven recommendations based on what you sell. We actively store both previous and active campaign data – that data we use to recommend influencers to you.

UGC-Content on-demand

Create a content team, and get unlimited content on-demand.

Influencer Campaign Monitoring tool

Capture relevant data, and gain advanced insights into your Influencer Marketing.

Influencer Management tool

Create lists, and activity calendars, add notes & more. Organise all your Influencer Marketing in one place.

Influencer Analytics tool

Get detailed access to advanced influencer metrics such as audience demographic, geographic, and reach data and a lot more advanced performance metrics ensuring a perfect brand/influencer match.

Influencer Pay

Pay creators/influencers with ease. By only paying one invoice per month.

Best-in-class online course

Helping you get started with Influencer Marketing & InfluencerFlow successfully.

Best-in-class online support

Unlimited access to a slack channel where you can write to us and get help 24/7 + bi-weekly 1-hour check-in calls.
No credit card required!
No credit card required!

Influencer Success Story Discover how InfluencerFlow helped a fashion-brand increase influencer revenue by 1004.2% in 30 days from €3.543,81 /mo to €39.130,72/mo with an 8,943x ROI (Return On Investment).


Get a unique insight into our battle-tested and proven to-work framework, which we have tested across +10 industries and with thousands of influencer collaborations.

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