The influencer Agency/Software Hybrid
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resulting in growth from 26.361 DKK TO 291.077 DKK in MONTHLY REVENUe.
we work differently because we

think differently.

We combine intelligent software with intelligent people. We create winning influencer marketing campaigns based on analytics & previous sale, click and conversion data.

… Did you know that we are only working on a performance basis, meaning you only pay us for the performance we generate. No performance equals no costs.

What we do:
– Together, we define our goal & plan 🧠
– We build winning influencer campaigns 🧩
– We analyse the outcome (data) 🤔

… In the end, we meet challenges. But we love to solve those 💯

About us:
– We evolve while the industry is stock.
– We are forever inventing a new craft while the industry is polishing its own.
– We are obsessed with business results, not patting ourselves on the back.

Do you dare to challenge us? 😈