the influencer Nerd
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resulting in growth from 60.000DKK TO 360.000DKK in MONTHLY REVENUe
I work differently because

I think differently.

What I do:

  1. Together we define our goal & plan 🧠
  2. I build winning influencer campaigns 🧩
  3. analyse the outcome (data) 🤔

In the end, I meet challenges. But I love to solve those 💯

… This is me:

  • I evolve while the industry is stock. 
  • I’m forever inventing a new craft while the industry is polishing its own.
  • I work using performance fee (not fixed fee)

P.s I will buy you a burger at POPL & refund everything I ever billed you if I do outperform your current setup. Do you dare to challenge me? 😈